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  • Explained: Punjab, beyond paddy & wheat (IE) The farmer protests have led to questions being raised on the extensive cultivation of paddy and wheat, especially in Punjab. How much of these crops is grown, and what are the options for diversification?

PIB Corner    

  • "India Post Payments Bank launches its digital payments’ services ‘DakPay’, aims to Transform Banking Experience at the last mile (PIB)" DakPay is not just a digital payment app but a suite of digital financial and assisted banking services provided by India Post & IPPB through the trusted Postal (‘Dak’) network across the nation to cater to the financial needs (‘Pay’) of various sections of the society – be it sending money to the loved ones (Domestic Money Transfers – DMT), Scan QR code and make payment for services/merchants digitally (Virtual debit card & with UPI), enabling cashless ecosystem through biometrics, providing interoperable banking services to the customers of ANY BANK (AePS) and Utility Bill Payment services.