GS2: Governance 

GS2: International Relations

GS3: Environment 

  • Zoo revives scheme for animal adoption (TH) The Nandankanan Zoological Park (NZP) in Bhubaneswar, which suffered a huge loss following its closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has revived its innovative 'Adopt-An-Animal' programme to mobilise resources for animals

GS3: Disaster Management    

  • Dealing with a deluge (TH) An analysis by the Centre for Science and Environment in 2016 revealed that 3,245 hectares of water bodies were lost in Hyderabad between 1989 and 2001. In the long term, the effects of flooding due to deluges can only be mitigated if urban planners take into account the hydro-geology of cities and ensure that construction, development and land occupation do not take place in a way that reduces the area of wetlands.

GS3: Economy