GS1: Geography        

GS2: International Relations        

  • India and European Union push trade talks(TH) Both sides stressed the importance of bilateral trade, as EU is India’s largest trading partner, while India is the E.U.’s ninth biggest trading partner.
  • India should believe in the EU(TH)  On climate change, the EU is building on its ambitious target to render the continent carbon-emission neutral by 2050, through its new industrial strategy, the Green Deal.

GS3: Economy        

GS3: Science & Technology       

  • Explained: What is Hope, UAE’s first mission to Mars?(IE) The spacecraft will orbit Mars to study the Martian atmosphere and its interaction with outer space and solar winds. Hope will collect data on Martian climate dynamics, which should help scientists understand why Mars’ atmosphere is decaying into space.

GS3: Environment      

  • Information frozen in magnetic minerals can forecast climatic changes faster & more accurately(PIB) Indian monsoon and its variability has been studied through different continental (tree rings, paleosols, speleothems, fluviolacustrine sediments, peat deposits, microfossils, magnetic minerals, etc.) and oceanic (foraminifers, isotopes, isotope ratios, organic content of sediments, etc.) proxies. The IIG Scientists used changes in properties of magnetic minerals for their research in India’s Paleomonsoonal pattern, which is a comparatively new technique applied in our country.