GS1: Geography

  • Cyclone Tauktae to form today, strengthen to very severe on May 17 The rapidly intensifying system shall cause extremely heavy rainfall (more than 204 mm) over Lakshadweep, Kerala, ghats of Tamil Nadu, coastal Karnataka, while Goa and South Konkan regions will receive moderate intensity rain, particularly up to May 17, the IMD has stated.

GS1: Population related issues

GS2: Health

GS2: Social issues

GS2: Schemes

  • Department of Science and Technology sets up Sophisticated Analytical and technical help Institute Three such centers set up at IIT Kharagpur, IIT Delhi and BHU Varanasi, are being operated with a transparent, open access policy. These centers initiated under the ‘Sophisticated Analytical & Technical Help Institutes (SATHI)’ scheme of Department of Science and Technology, will address the need for building shared, professionally managed, and strong science and technology infrastructure in the country which is readily accessible to academia, start-ups, manufacturing, industry and R&D labs.

GS3: Cybersecurity

GS3: Defence and security


GS3: Environment

  • US slider turtles pose a threat in Northeast Herpetologists have warned that the invasive red-eared slider, released in natural water bodies by people who keep them as ‘cute’ pets, could turn nasty for 29 native species of turtles and tortoises.