GS1: Culture

GS2: Polity

  • The job crunch and the growing fires of nativism Unless States in India have the autonomy to create jobs, they will only resort to reserving existing jobs for locals
  • Coming full spiral With the Supreme Court reconsidering the ceiling of 50 per cent for reservations, we can move beyond binaries and ask difficult questions about power-sharing.

GS2: International Relations

  • India, Pakistan Indus Commissioners set to meet on March 23-24 This will be the first meeting of Indus Commissioners after a gap of two and a half years. The last meeting of the India-Pakistan Permanent Indus Commission (PIC) was held in Lahore, Pakistan from August 29-30, 2018.
  • A story for Quad It makes clear it is neither military alliance nor anti-China coalition. Broad-based agenda makes forum more sustainable.

GS3: Economy

  • What ELSS, if not fixed deposits? ELSS funds offer greater tax efficiency, especially for those in the higher tax brackets. Moreover, the higher upside potential of equities over the long term allows ELSS funds that are performing well to generate much higher post-tax returns than FDs

GS3: Cybersecurity

GS3: Agriculture related issues

  • Diversify the farm income mix It requires a diversified approach that takes into account peculiarities and constraints of states, investment in infrastructure and linking farmer producer groups with markets.