GS2: Polity

GS2: International Relations

  • World Health Assembly to adopt resolution to strengthen preparedness for health emergencies (DTE) IHR 2005 provides a legal framework that defines countries’ rights and obligations in handling public health events and emergencies that have the potential to cross borders. This is legally binding on all members of the WHO. Despite this, there are recurrent cases of trans-border spread of diseases. The COVID-19 pandemic, which spread from China, is a good example of how stricter regulations can help.

GS2: Social Justice

GS2: Schemes  

  • “HunarHaat” returns after a gap of seven months (PIB)  indigenous exquisite products made from “Maati (clay), Metal and Machiya (wooden & jute products)” are the major attraction at “HunarHaat” in Pitampura. Rare exquisite products made from clay, different metals and wooden products, products made from cane-bamboo, mesmerising pottery work etc are available for display and sale at this “HunarHaat”.

GS3: Economy   

GS3: Schemes 

GS3: Science & Technology

  • Explained: What OTT platforms coming under IB ministry means for Netflix, others(IE)" The move to bring the OTT platforms under the I&B ministry could also mean that these platforms would have to apply for approval of the content they wish to stream. This in itself is likely to give rise to many conflicts as most OTT platforms have content that could otherwise be censored in India.
  • Explained: What is SpaceX-NASA’s upcoming Crew-1 mission launch? (IE) The goals of the mission are the same as that of Expedition 1 that lifted off 20 years ago. NASA has called both of these ISS missions “historic”. At the ISS, the Crew-1 team will join members of Expedition 64 and conduct microgravity studies and deliver new science hardware and experiments that they will carry with them to space aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft.