GS2: Governance       

GS2: International Relations    

  • India reiterates civilizational and cultural ties with Nepal(TH) The vote in the Nepali parliament for the Second Constitutional Amendment which will give legislative support to the new map has seen extensive discussion till now.
  •  Back from the brink (India-China relations)(TH) India has made clear it will accept nothing less than restoring the status quo ante, and will not dilute its build-up in the area until and unless China draws down the artillery, bombers, rocket forces, air defence radars and jammers that it has amassed behind the frontlines on its side of the LAC.

GS3: Economy       

  • Govt lifts ban on export of HCQ with some riders (Mint) Two Indian firms, Ipca Laboratories and Zydus Cadila Ltd, are the world’s largest manufacturers of the drug, which has been touted as a potential coronavirus treatment by US President Donald Trump and some other global political leaders.   
  • Reserve Bank proposes to shore up bank boards(TH) In a discussion paper on governance in commercial banks in India, the banking regulator has suggested to empower the bank board for setting the culture and values of the organisation, recognize and manage conflicts on interest, setting the appetite for risk and manage risks within the appetite and improving the supervisory oversight of senior management.
  •  Indian banks will emerge leaner and stronger from the pandemic(Mint) India had one of the highest percentages of gross non-performing assets (GNPAs) among major economies.

GS3: Science &Technology        

GS3: Environment      

  • Lion census method outdated: experts(TH) Camera traps are not yet suitable for lions as they don’t have clearly discernible permanent physical features, unlike in tigers, which have unique stripes.
  • First estimation exercise of Indian gaur in Nilgiris in recent years(TH) Many of  ‘conflict-prone’ regions are witnessing changing land-use patterns, with what were tea estates being converted into resorts and buildings. This also translates to fences becoming more prominent around these properties and severely limiting traditional pathways used by the gaur to move between habitats,
  • New guidelines for import of exotic species(TH)  The Ministry has said “exotic live species” shall be construed to mean only “the animals named under the Appendices I, II and III of the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) of Wild Fauna and Flora”. (CITES Appendix I, no trade happens, Appendix II trade can happen with prior permission and in Appendix III there are a large number of animals and birds which can be traded.)