GS1: Geography        

GS1: Migration        

  • Migrating out of the big cities may cause more pain(Mint) Rural India’s overburdened and agriculture-dependent economy with an underemployed working population is incapable of taking care of millions of workers going home. Excessive reliance on agriculture and the lack of a diversified economic structure makes it tough to create alternative sources of employment

GS2: Governance       

GS2 : International Relations    

  • India, China agree to ease standoff(TH) This is also the first time senior government officials have acknowledged the continued presence of Chinese troops in these areas where India patrols, and the heavy build-up of vehicles and firepower behind the LAC lines.
  •  IMF mulls strategy to give needy nations SDR access(Mint) Let’s be clear what the SDR can do. When you do a general SDR or increase SDR allocations, most of it goes to the countries that don’t need it. Because it is proportional to your quota, it goes to the very large economies. It does not go to the low income countries in very large numbers

GS3: Science and Technology  

GS3: Environment