GS1: Art and Culture        

  • Rare Renati Chola era inscription unearthed(TH)  the inscription was written in archaic Telugu which was readable in 25 lines -- the first side with eleven lines and the remaining on the other side. It was assigned to the 8th Century A.D., when the region was under the rule of Chola Maharaja of Renadu.

GS1: Geography    

  • Importance of Pangong’s south bank (IE) The Karakoram Mountain range, which crosses Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and India, with heights of over 6,000 metres including K2, the world’s second highest peak, ends at the north bank of Pangong Tso. Its southern bank too has high broken mountains sloping towards Spangur Lake in the south.

GS3: Economy    

  • GST reform needs a new grand bargain(TH) GST is a destination-based consumption tax, which must include all goods and services with very few exceptions, such as food and medicine. That widening of the tax base itself will allow us to go back to the original recommendation of a standard rate of 12%, to be fixed for at least a five-year period.
  • GDP falls 23.9% in first quarter(TH) Minus 23.9 percent (IE) The worst affected were construction (–50%), trade, hotels and other services (–47%), manufacturing (–39%), and mining (–23%). It is important to note that these are the sectors that create the maximum new jobs in the country.

GS3: Environment

  • CSIR-CMERI develops World’s Largest Solar Tree TheseSolar Trees can be aligned with Agriculture for substituting price-volatile fossil fuels. Each Solar Tree has the potential to save 10-12 tons of CO2 emissions being released into the atmosphere as Greenhouse Gases when compared with fossil fuel fired energy generation.Besides, the surplus generated power can be fed into an Energy Grid. This Agricultural Model can provide a consistent economic return and help the farmers counter the effects of the uncertain variations in Agriculture related activities, thus, making farming an Economic and Energy Sustainable practice.”

GS3: Defence  & Security