Economic Survey Special

Wealth Creation: The Invisible Hand Supported By The Hand Of Trust During much of India's economic dominance, the economy relied on the invisible hand of the market for wealth creation

Entrepreneurship And Wealth Creation At The Grassroots district – it has a significant impact on wealth creation at the grassroots level. This impact of entrepreneurial activity on GDDP is maximal

Pro-Business versus Pro-Crony 'Connected' firms vs the market. The Survey makes a case for being pro-business rather than promoting crony capitalism

Undermining Markets: When Government Intervention Hurts More Than It Helps Undermining Markets: When Government Intervention Hurts More Than It Helps. Government intervention, though well-intended

Creating Jobs and Growth by Specializing to Exports in Network Products The Economic Survey’s Chapter on Creating Jobs and Growth by Specialising to Exports in Network Products emphasized how the growth in exports provides a much-needed pathway for job creation in the country.

Targeting Ease Of Doing Business In India The Survey advocated for (i) providing equal opportunities for new entrants, enable fair competition and ease doing business

Golden Jubilee Of Bank Nationalisation: Taking Stock the banking system must focus on scaling up efficiently to support the economy

Financial Fragility In The NBFC Sector Following payment defaults by subsidiaries of Infrastructure Leasing and Financing Services and by Dewan Housing Finance Limited, investors in Liquid Debt Mutual Funds (LDMFs) ran collectively to redeem their investments

Privatization And Wealth Creation The recent approval of strategic disinvestment in Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) led to an increase in the value of shareholders’ equity of BPCL by ` 33,000 crores when compared to its peer Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)! 

Is India’s GDP Growth Rate Overstated? No! with India's GDP growth rate declining, there has been a raging debate over the accuracy of the economic growth projection by the Modi government.

Thalinomics: The Economics Of A Plate Of Food In India “Thalinomics: the economics of a plate of food in India” is an attempt to figure out how much a meal costs in India, the survey said.

GS2: Indian Diaspora

Evacuation begins from China (TH)  The 423-seater flight is expected to return to Delhi from Wuhan at 2 a.m. on Saturday and another special flight may depart from T3, Delhi on Saturday