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About Review

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  1. Critically analyze the various emergency provisions in the constitution of India.
  2. India has been a hub for medical treatment globally. However, its cancer care facilities remain inadequate. Analyze the reasons for this and suggest solutions.
  3. Evicting street vendors may beautify the city, but it will blot the society. Comment. 
  4. GDP fails to measure the holistic development of the society.  Elaborate the statement and suggest solutions to the problem.
  5. The steel frame of the country is getting rusty. In the light of this statement, analyze the challenges that the Indian Administrative Services face, and suggest reforms. 
  6. BRICS can become the growth engine of the global south. Elucidate. 
  7. What are the challenges in bringing the Supreme Court under the lens of RTI? What reforms must be made to make the court more transparent?