21 October

Q.1) The Defence Ministry released its latest Defence Acquisition Procedure 2020 (DAP 2020) which diluted the “offset” policy in defence procurement. Many contend that the move is a setback for augmenting domestic capabilities. Critically analyse. (250 words)

Q.2) Discuss the significance of defence deals in India-US bilateral relation. (150 words)

Q.3) India is a fertile ground to be a technology-led innovation garage. Comment (250 words)


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                                                                                                   22 October

Q.1) As the growth of digital payments in India is going to be phenomenal, several opportunities and challenges are waiting ahead. Comment (15 marks - 250 words)

Q.2) Without building world class supercomputing facilities, India can not dream to become a technology and innovation hub. In this context, critically analyze the National Supercomputing Mission launched by India.

Q.3) Even in 2020, the Indian government and our civil society continue to grapple with the inhuman nature of manual scavenging. Discuss

Q.4) Critically analyze the idea of increasing the poll expenditure limits for state and Parliament elections. (150 words)


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                                                                                                 23 October

Q.1) Though CBI is a professional and premier investigating agency of India, it has been alleged for acting under political pressure. In this context, critically analyze the functioning of the agency. (15 marks - 250 words)

Q.2) Highlight the contribution made by Mughals in promoting Indian art of miniature paintings. (15 marks - 250 words)

Q.3) Enhancing regional representation in the UN Security Council is the way forward for the United Nations reforms. Analyze. (250 words)

Q.4) At the 2+2 Ministerial forum meet, India must ensure that its gamble with Trump’s regime so close to the U.S. election pays off. Comment (250 words)


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                                                                                               24 October

Q.1) With an ever increasing population and rapid pace of urbanization, India is facing a huge challenge of waste management. In this context, highlight the different methods or technologies used for Municipal Solid Waste Management and India’s progress in MSW management. (15 marks - 250 words)

Q.2) Critically analyze India’s experience of Seven and a half decades at the UN. Also suggest a way forward as India soon begins its two-year term as a non-permanent UNSC member. (250 words)

Q.3) Despite many initiatives India continues to perform poorly in the Global Hunger Index. Elucidate


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                                                                                             26 October

Q.1) It is the frightening prospect of a powerful, belligerent and hegemonic China that has helped New Delhi build its relationship with Washington in recent times. Critically analyse (15 marks - 250 words)

Q.2) Critically analyse the performance of Agriculture Produce Market Regulation (APMC) acts in India. Also suggest a way forward for improving the APMC system. (250 words)

Q.3) Examine the different aspects and uniqueness of Indus Valley Civilisation(IVC) along with suitable examples. 


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                                                                                            27 October

Q.1) An effective law can convert the crisis of stubble burning into opportunity. Analyze the above statement and identify the issues related to stubble burning in India. (15 marks - 250 words)

Q.2)  A health system cannot only be about the supply side, it has to keep in mind how to involve citizens and the people it is trying to serve. Discuss the above statement in the light of challenges faced by India’s health sector as a result of Covid outbreak. (15 marks - 250 words)

Q.3) While the development of the Quad has taken centre stage, other geographies such as West Asia are the new arenas of competition between New Delhi and Beijing. Analyze. (250 words)

Q.4) Signing of BECA would allow India to use US expertise on geospatial intelligence and to enhance military accuracy of automated hardware systems. Comment (250 words)


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                                                                                                   28 October


Q.1) Distribution Companies (DisComs) have been called the lynchpin but also the weakest link in the electricity chain. Critically analyse. (250 words)

Q.2) Analyse the geopolitics of Gilgit-Baltistan in the J&K issue. (150 words)


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                                                                                                   29 October 

Q.1) Signing of BECA provides a new path to India-US defense cooperation. Critically Analyze (250 words)

Q.2) The States have shrunk their authority in determining Budget spending (Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act ) and setting tax rates (GST). Critically analyse the reasons behind the shift in authority towards the Center. (250 words)


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                                                                                                     30 October

Q.1) The different aspects of division of powers between Delhi and Centre leads to jurisdictional conflicts between the two. Suggest ways to solve these conflicts. (15 Marks - 250 words)

Q.2) Discuss the significance of relations between India  and Central Asian countries. Also suggest a way forward to improve the ties. (250 word)


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                                                                                                       31 October

Q.1) For India, Myanmar is key in linking South Asia to Southeast Asia . In this context analyse what steps Delhi is taking to leverage its political, diplomatic, and security ties with Myanmar. (15 Marks - 250 Words)

Q.2) We need to urgently rebuild our cities such that they have the sponginess to absorb and release water. Doing so will not just help control recurring floods but also provide for water security, more green spaces. Discuss. (250 words)


Q.3) Discuss the impact of Covid-19 on finances of the state governments. Also suggest a way forward to overcome the economic slowdown due to pandemic. (150 words)


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