01 July 2020

Q.1) What are the causes and consequences of India’s falling sex ratio? Discuss the shortcomings in implementation of  Prenatal Conception and Prenatal Determination Act (PC-PNDT).

Q.2) Indian forex reserves have crossed an unprecedented mark. In this context, discuss the need of forex reserves and the issues involved.

Q.3)Infusing life in SAARC through the process of South Asian economic integration with India acquiring the central role, would also serve India’s strategic interests. Elucidate (250 words)

Q.4) As India looks to recovery efforts, clean energy and mobility systems can make a more resilient India by bolstering manufacturing, enhancing the reliability of electricity, avoiding costly oil imports, and cleaning the air. Comment (15 marks - 250 words)

Q.5) Discuss the utility of MGNREGA amidst the pandemic. 15 marks (250 words)


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                                                                                                       02 July 2020

Q.1) As the UN prepares for its 75th anniversary, there is a need to discuss traditional and new challenges faced by the world today. In this context, discuss the opportunities for India in shaping the new world order.

Q.2)Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, investments in digital services continue to flow at record levels globally. However, Indian government policies will be key determinants in attracting new investment in the sector. Discuss (15 marks-250 words)

Q.3) The recent death of Father and Son in a Tamil Nadu Police Station has again brought the question of custodial violence to the center stage. 15 marks (250 words)

Q.4) The recent ban on 59 smartphone applications fails to pass the test of legality. Comment. 10 marks (150 words)

Q.5) Discuss the significance of Digital India programme in the Coronavirus crisis.


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                                                                                                           03 July 2020

Q.1) In the post corona crisis situation, India has to address many problems, of which the need for the institution of a scheme to provide minimum income support to the weak and vulnerable groups stand out. Comment (15 marks - 250 words)

Q.2) The current pandemic is creating a lot of hurdles for the economy. 15 marks (250 words)

Q.3) It is high time now that SC must live stream its proceeding in ordre to augment access to justice. 10 marks ( 150 words)

Q.4) Patanjali Ayurveda’s claimed cure for COVID-19 has been criticised for making unsubstantiated claims of efficacy. An integrated approach of drug testing will create a win-win situation for both ayurveda and allopathy. Discuss. (15M, 250 Words)

Q.5) With private trains expected to begin operations by April 2023. In this context, discuss the significance of this move in the development of Indian economy.


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                                                                                                      04 July 2020

Q.1) )China’s aggressive posture towards India and the boundary dispute set the right context for India to engage Taiwan meaningfully. Elucidate(15 marks-250 words)

Q.2)As India emerges from the COVID-19 lockdown, the labour market policy needs to reverse the pandemic’s gender-differentiated impact. Discuss (15marks-250words)

Q.3) Indian Railways has been the lifeline of India’s growth story. Analyse the challenges faced by the railways in India and steps taken to address these challenges. (15 marks - 250 words)

Q.4) An international arbitration court has ruled that the Italian Marines accused of killing two fishermen off the coast of Kerala are outside the jurisdiction of Indian courts. The takeaway for India should be the lessons, in the legal and diplomatic domains, that can be drawn from the experience. Discuss. (10M, 250 words)

Q.5) Although India is trying to boycott chinese goods but as per some experts it might not be practically possible. Comment. 15 marks (250 words)


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                                                                                                     06 July 2020

Q.1) The Indian Banking Sector has been in dismal conditions in spite of  relief measures announced amid lockdown. Comment. 10 marks (150 words)

Q.2) For making Indian agriculture ‘Atma Nirbhar’ there is the need to realise the principle of comparative advantage. Comment (15 marks - 250words)

Q.3) There is a need to bring the ‘One Nation One Voter ID’ system to ensure the empowerment of the forgotten migrant voter. Discuss(15 marks-250 words)


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                                                                                                       07 July 2020

Q.1) Match-fixing law in India would demonstrate that sporting manipulation is not a ‘simple’ breach of sporting rules, but also an offence against the public in a broader sense. Comment (15 marks - 250 words)

Q.2) Discuss the pros and cons of opening of Indian Railways for private players. (15 marks - 150 words)

Q.3) As a good international citizen, the country has accepted the tribunal’s award.In the light of this judgement, discuss the concerns  and precedents which this judgement of ITLOS has set.

Q.4) “Statistics are a minor detail, but they do help”. Discuss the above statement in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its adverse impacts.

Q.5) The Ministry of Home Affairs has constituted Dr. Ranbir Singh Committee to revamp the obsolete laws in the country. Comment 15 marks (250 words).


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                                                                                                08 July 2020

Q.1) What is nanotechnology ? discuss the significance of Nanotechnology in agriculture.

Q.2) What is permanent commission? Discuss the SC judgement in this regard and its implications.

Q.3) China’s rising nuclear arsenal might impair the Indian fortunes. Comment 10 marks (150 words)

Q.4) India’s foreign and security policy needs to focus on rising tensions in the South China Sea, as India has a stake in the region. Discuss (15 marks - 250 words)

Q.5) Given the nature of the threat of the pandemic it may be pertinent to review the fiscal responsibility laws (FRL) of states. Comment (15 marks - 250 words)


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                                                                                                09 July 2020

Q.1)  For digitizing the state a three-phase transition to mandatory digital payments, accounting, and transactions for the government is the need of the hour. Comment (15 marks - 250 words)

Q.2) India has a rich heritage of traditional medicine in the form of AYUSH but contemporary times show evidence of the same being misused to fool the masses. Comment. 15 marks (250 words)

Q.3) Recently NIRF released ranking of colleges. In this context discuss the significance of ranking and the issues involved with the present methodology of ranking.

Q.4)Given the severity of the pandemic, the idea of setting up a bad bank has the potential to tackle the problem of stressed assets in the Indian banking sector. Critically analyze (15 marks-250 words)


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                                                                                               10 July 2020

Q.1) In the current scenario of rising border tensions between India and China, examine the relevance and implications of including Australia in Malabar exercise.

Q.2) Mahatma Gandhi taught us that to solve a problem, we have to confront the real issue. There is the need to realise the above teachings for decriminalising Indian politics. Examine (15 marks - 250 words)

Q.3) Buddhism forms a common thread between India and its diplomatic relations with many countries. Discuss (10 marks - 250 words)

Q.4) The government’s decision to block Chinese apps has spotlighted the vulnerability of Internet freedom.Examine.


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