12 October

Q.1) The Bharatmala Pariyojana (BMP) initiative of the Government of India is likely to have a positive impact on India’s economic growth. Critically examine. (15 Marks - 250 words)

Q.2)  The current year marks the 15th anniversary of the Right to Information Act, 2005. Critically analyse the performance of the Avt so far. (250 words)

Q.3) As winters approach air pollution in NCR towns is a regular phenomena. Highlight the reasons and steps taken to reduce adverse effects of air pollution in the region. (15 Marks - 250 words) 


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                                                                                                      13 October

Q.1) In the light of a recently released report by the World Bank titled “Beaten or broken: Informality and COVID-19”, analyze the impact of COVID-19 on learning outcomes.

Q.2) Discuss the key features of US–India Strategic Energy Partnership (SEP). (150 words)


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                                                                                                         14 October

Q.1 ‘Reconciling the capacity to resist armed revisionism while nudging the region’s geopolitics towards cooperation as opposed to the conflict should be the Quad’s, priority’.

Q.2) Critically analyse the performance of the RTI Act. Mention its significance and related concerns.  (250 words)

Q.3) The Arab World in a geopolitical sense no longer exists. The Palestinian leadership  should recraft its policies in the new situation created after the signing of the Abraham Accords. Discuss. (250 words)


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                                                                                                      15 October

Q.1) Critically analyse the performance of Phased Manufacturing Programme (PMP) for manufacturing of mobile phones in India.

Q.2) India is ignoring the necessity for strong capacity building of the many NGOs engaged in educational improvement. Comment (250 words)

Q.3) STARS project would address “the ‘learning outcome’ challenge and help students better prepare for the jobs of the future. Critically comment (250 words)


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                                                                                                 16 October

Q.1) The effects of flooding due to deluges can only be mitigated if urban planners take into account the hydro-geology of cities. Comment in the light of recent floods in Hyderabad. (250 words)

Q.2) The Coronavirus crisis is also an opportunity to adopt innovative solutions based on scientific evidence so that India can make food systems more resilient and sustainable. Discuss. (250 words)


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                                                                                            17 October

Q1) While the Prime Minister says India has the potential to become a hub for the global toy industry, artisans face a range of problems. Explain. Also suggest a way forward for developing India’s toy industry. (250 words)

Q.2) The Coronavirus crisis is an opportune time for New Delhi to push for institutional changes and reformed multilateralism in the global system. Discuss. (150 words)

Q.3) India fares poorly in Global Hunger Index,2020, Explain the reasons behind it. Also, mention various government food security initiatives.


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                                                                                               19 October

Q.1) Critically analyse the performance of the National Green Tribunal in safeguarding environmental rights. (150 words)

Q.2) The Court has to come down heavily on the States and the Centre to ensure that its directives regarding Police reforms are implemented. A bold step towards bringing down crimes is possible only when the politicians-criminals-police nexus is strangled. Discuss. (250 words)


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                                                                                                20 October

Q.1 )Considering the ongoing stand-off with China, examine the relevance and implications of including Australia in the Malabar exercise.


Q.2) In the light of The IMF’s latest World Economic Outlook, discuss the strategic consequences of Bangladesh’s economic rise on India’s neighbourhood.


Q.3.) The Doha Accord signed between the Taliban and the U.S. has some serious implications for India. Explain. (150 words)


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