11 July 2020

Q.1) In order to consolidate the achievements of the Blue Revolution and pave the way from NeeliKranti to ArthaKranti, the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana(PMMSY) has been launched. Examine (15 marks - 250 marks)

Q.2) The pledge of making India Aatma Nirbhar is immensely felt in the solar sector. Comment. 10 marks (150 words)

Q.3) The current pandemic situation calls for a cooperative governance in the country. Commnet. 10 marks (150 words) .

Q.4) Creation of a fiscal council would be a solution to fiscal imbalances. Critically comment (15 marks- 250 words)

Q.5) The killing of Vikas Dubey and the chain of events leading up to it throw a spotlight on extrajudicial killings. Critically analyse the issue of “encounter” killings which have been a contested and divisive police procedure for decades. (250 Words, 15M)


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                                                                                              13 July 2020

Q.1) For successfully decoupling Indian economy with that of China's, a strategy to create a globally competitive industrial sector in India is required. Comment (15 marks - 250 words)

Q.2) In the Union Budget 2020-21, a meagre defence hike threatens military modernisation. Critically analyse. (10M, 150 Words)

Q.13) NATGRID is the integrated intelligence grid which connects databases of core security agencies. Discuss the advantages and concerns regarding NATGRID.


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                                                                                               14 July 2020

Q.1) The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions to India’s plans and timelines of achieving SDGs and there is every reason to double or triple efforts for achieving the targets of the Agenda 2030. Examine (15 marks - 250 words)

Q.2) Criminal Law reforms are required with the changing intellect and thinking of society. Considering this, tell the domains which need to be reformed in India. Comment. 15 marks (250 words).

Q.3) The RBI chief has cautioned about the upcoming stress in the financial sector owing to the COVID-19 outbreak. Comment. 10 marks (150 words).

Q.4) COVID-19 pandemic highlights that environmental, economic, and social issues cannot be separated from each other. Elucidate(250 words)

Q.5) Iranian government has decided to proceed with the construction on its own of a rail line from Chabahar port to Zahedan. In the line of this move discuss the relevance and geo-political implications on India.


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