For UPSC test preparation, mastering the daily current affairs is critical as the Current events are heavily weighted in the UPSC exam.


In all three levels of the UPSC CSE Exam– prelims, mains, and interview – daily current affairs play an important part. The questions may be related to the static section of the syllabus directly or indirectly. Although daily current affairs are a significant element of UPSC test preparation, the syllabus covered by current affairs is unclear. Only "current affairs of national and worldwide interest" are mentioned in the exam syllabus.


For the past five years, the prelims have contained an average of 30 current affairs questions and are also a significant part of the UPSC Mains exam. The current events are made part of the syllabus as they improve students' analytical and logical thinking by exposing them to a variety of social, economic, and national issues. It boosts students' confidence in answering comparable questions in interviews. The UPSC interview process evaluates not just a candidate's education, but also his ability to deal with real-life situations through innovative thinking and understanding of current events. So, At all phases of the UPSC exam, a candidate is expected to have a clear preparation strategy to cover current events. Current events knowledge also aids in enhancing awareness and character development.


Due to the easy availability of the internet, a never-ending list of newspapers, current affairs magazines, videos, and other current affairs materials has only complicated the preparation process. JV’s IAS has emerged as the most trustworthy website for UPSC's current affairs. Keeping the relevance of current events in mind, JV's IAS has released a number of initiatives for UPSC CSE Prelims and Mains Current Affairs, all of which have been rigorously designed using the most recent UPSC pattern.


The initiatives of JV’s IAS for Current Affairs include:

  • Daily Important Articles- It gives you access to the day's most important articles from publications such as The Hindu, Indian Express, and Live Mint (the source of every article is mentioned at the end of the respective articles).
  • Daily In-depth Articles- This area covers the most essential subjects pertinent to UPSC In-Depth, including background information and all key parts of the topic from The Hindu and other major newspapers on a daily basis.
  • Daily News Prescription- This section provides applicants with links to all of the relevant articles to read from The Hindu, Indian Express, and Livemint, which are organized according to GS I, GS II, and GS III papers to assist aspirants in locating important items in the newspapers and their respective topic categories.
  • Enroll for JV’s IAS Current Affairs Round-up 365 for UPSC CSE 2022-2023- It is a complete course for current Affairs and has a comprehensive Coverage of Current Affairs for both Prelims and Mains.


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