1. Elaborate upon the need of FDI in economic growth of the country. Suggest issues with the FDI.

Resources: Audit for FDI norms must for e-com firms (TH)

  1. India has been following a balanced approach between Israel and Palestine. Comment.

Resources: Explained: What Palestine-India Techno Park says of ties between the two countries (IE)

  1. Jails in India are manufacturers of criminals. Explain and suggest methods to improve the jails in India.

Resources: Retributive justice (TH)

  1. Indian criminal justice system needs significant reforms to reduce crime against women. Comment.

Resources: 96% of 1.7L pending rape trials Pocso cases; govt eyes 1,000 special courts (ToI)

  1. India’s diversity is displayed by the languages in India. Elaborate the statement in the light of various constitutional provisions.

Resources: Santhali used for the first time in Rajya Sabha (ToI)