1. What are smog towers and how do they work? Mention some more innovative solutions to fight smog.

Resource: Delhi gets its first smog tower: What is it and how does it work? (IE)

  1. Explain the impact of the double burden of malnutrition on demographic dividend in India. Examine some solutions to it.

Resource: The double burden of malnutrition: need for urgent policy action (TH)

  1. Government scheme implementation needs proper auditing. Highlight the role to be played by CAG. Examine the need for better provisions related to third party auditing and social audit.

Resource: 171 hospitals de-listed from PM’s health scheme after fraud (TH)

  1. The WTO system needs complete overhaul. Comment.

Resource: Why has the U.S. crippled the functioning of the WTO? (TH)

  1. The dark spots on the streets have become a hub for crimes against women. Highlight the steps taken and a way forward to improve the situation.

Resource: Government of India’s UJALA & Street Lighting National Programme Complete Five Successful years of Illuminating India (PIB)