1. Have electoral bonds made a bad system worse? Critically comment.

Resource: Have electoral bonds made a bad system worse? (TH)

  1. Rise of social media has been accompanied with the fake news. Mention the steps required to tackle fake news.

Resource: New norms to make social media more accountable (TH)

  1. Banking sector has been in rumbles, but its revival is necessary for economic growth of the nation. Comment.

Resource: After PMC crisis, tighter norms in place for urban cooperative banks (Mint)

  1. Privacy is not only a legal, but a natural right. Critically comment.

                        Resource: Data protection: issues, debate (IE)

  1. India needs both; police and policy reforms for women's safety. Comment.

Resource: Home Ministry sanctions Women Help Desks in Police Stations across the country (PIB)

  1. The economic offences have been killing the growth efforts of the government.

Resource: After Mallya, Nirav Modi: Who is a ‘fugitive economic offender’? (IE)