1. There is a dire need to reform the political parties in India. Critically comment. 

Resource: Election Commission of India to implement “Political Parties Registration Tracking Management System” (PPRTMS) (PIB)

  1. Indian economy has been marred by financial frauds. Mention the steps taken to improve the situation and suggest more reforms. 

Resource: 51 left India, defrauding over ₹17,900 crore (TH)

  1. Analyse the direct tax code of India. Suggest issues and reforms to address the same.  

Resource: "Personal income tax rate cut can revive economy” (Mint)

  1. E-commerce is the future of shopping, but some sectors need better regulation for selling online. Critically comment.

Resource: Blow to e-pharmacies as govt orders a halt to sales (Mint)

  1. The clarion of ‘Gareebi Hatao’ has not yet reached rural India completely. Comment. 


  1. ‘Har Ghar ko Pani’ has multidimensional challenges in implementation but is expected to have multidimensional impact too. Analyse the statement. 

Resource: Arsenic and iron in water: 30,000 rural habitations affected, 20,000 in two states (IE)