Current Affairs Based Mains Drill | 3 February 2020

Current Affairs Based Mains Drill – 3 February 2020

Updated on 3 February, 2020

Target 2020

Questions 1 to 3 are of 10 marks each, and questions 4 and 5 are of 15 marks each.

  1. Stubble burning highlights the multi-dimensional issues facing agriculture. Comment. 

  2. India has a lower rate of ‘formal’ entrepreneurship. In the light of the statement, examine the need for reforms in the start-up ecosystem. 

  3. Law and order can not be established till there are vacancies in the Police. Examine the challenges and the solutions in the light of the statement. 

  4. India needs well-tailored farm measures to balance the national requirement with farmers’ aspirations. Comment.

  5. There’s more space for intervention on monetary front than fiscal front. Critically comment. 

Note: In order to imbibe the spirit of punctuality, we strongly recommend you to submit your answers on the same day. Although we will try our best, it may not be possible for us to review the answers submitted after the said date. Keep writing!

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