1. What are e-cigarettes and how are these harmful. Analyze the need to completely ban cigarettes.

Resource: LS passes bill to ban e-cigarettes (Mint)

  1. Transgenders have been the most ignored section for a very long time. Analyze the transgender persons (Protection of Rights) Bill 2019 and highlight the lacunas in the bill.

Resource: Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill 2019 Passed by Parliament (PIB)

  1. Climate change has far-reaching social, economic, and political consequences. Elucidate.

Resource: Cabinet approves India's Approach to UN Climate Change Conference to be held in Spain next week (PIB)

  1. Human trafficking has been a major issue to internal security as well as human rights. Explain.

Resource: Cabinet approves MoU signed between India and Myanmar on bilateral cooperation for Prevention of Trafficking in Persons; (PIB)

  1. Next generation mobility has the potential to transform India. Highlight the need and impact of the next generation mobility solutions in India.

Resource: Nitin Gadkari inaugurates NuGen Mobility Summit-2019 (PIB)

  1. Women led initiatives are often seen to bring better results. Mention the reasons for their success via supporting examples.

Resource: Explained: How a women-led movement influenced Andhra Pradesh to reduce its liquor consumption (IE)