1. India’s energy need will need diverse solutions. Suggest new domains that need to be emphasized upon for meeting the energy requirements of growing India. 

Resource: Explained: The methane in coalbeds, and how they can be extracted (IE)

  1. Secessionist tendencies can be hard to handle. Mention some examples of it from India, and suggest a solution. 

Resource: Explained: What is the Bodoland dispute, and who are the NDFB? (IE)

  1. Primary education in India has failed to deliver the desired outcomes. Explain in the light of ASER reports.

Resource: Helping 10-year-olds to read by 2030 (TH)

  1. Financial inclusion in India needs to go beyond merely opening bank accounts. Explain.

Resource: A majority of Indians don’t have any health insurance, finds survey (Mint)

  1. MUDRA was aimed at reviving the economy through entrepreneurship, but it has become another economic nightmare. Critically comment. 

Resource: Reserve Bank flags rising bad assets from Mudra loans (THpib)

  1. The study of Indus valley civilisation illustrates an emphasis on art and craft. Elucidate.

Resource: Climate change pushed Indus Valley migrants west to east: Study (DTE)