1. Examine the need for Swachh Bharat to move beyond toilets. Highlight the concern in the context of manual scavenging in India. 

Resources: NSO survey debunks Swachh Bharat ODF claims (TH)

  1. Contrast the need for minimum and floor level wages in the development of the nation. 

Resources: The broken promise of decent and fair wages (TH)

  1. Explain emergency provisions in India, and highlight their impact on Indian federalism in India.

Resources: President’s Rule revoked via PM’s special powers (TH)

  1. Anemia is one of the leading problems in India. Examine the government efforts and suggest various methods to tackle the issue. 

Resources: Study of one lakh individuals finds why India’s children are anemic (TH)

  1. ISRO’s creation was challenged, but ISRO has become the stepping stone for India’s development story. Mention the scientific and economic advantage leveraged by it.

Resources: Cartosat-3: What’s going up in ISRO fifth launch of 2019 (IE)

  1. Revival and not strategic disinvestment is the need of the hour. Highlight the statement in the wake of sickening PSUs.

Resources: What is the push behind the strategic disinvestment move? (TH)