Q.1) The religious conversions carried out for the sole purpose of deriving some legal benefit do not hold water. Critically analyze the above in the light of attempts made by several states to enact laws that prohibit forceful inter-faith conversions. (15 Marks - 250 Words)

Why this question? - As the Uttar Pradesh Cabinet cleared a draft ordinance against forceful inter-faith conversions - the so-called “love jihad”, there are several apprehensions about the intent behind the law and its implementation. 

Intro - Start with the context - recent controversy around laws that prohibits forceful inter-faith conversions.

Body - 

  • Constitutional provisions that guarantee the right to marry.
  • Apprehensions about the intent, implementation of such laws.

Way ahead - Judicial pronouncements.

Conclusion - Summarize based on above discussion.


Q.2) Explain the significance of Prompt corrective action framework in protecting depositors' interest and the interest of financial and banking stability. (150 words)

Why this question?

 The Union Cabinet, chaired by the Prime Minister has given its approval to the Scheme of Amalgamation of Lakshmi Vilas Bank Limited (LVB) with DBS Bank India Limited (DBIL). Thus the question.

Introduction: Mention brief info about Prompt corrective action.



  1. Checks the problem of Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) 
  2. Alerts the regulator as well as investors and depositors if a bank is heading for trouble. 
  3. Helps RBI monitor key performance indicators of banks

Conclusion: Summarize and discuss way forward