Current Affairs Based Mains Drill– 25th Nov. 2019

Current Affairs Based Mains Drill– 25th Nov. 2019

Updated on 25 November, 2019

Target 2020

  1. What are electoral bonds? Analyse their impact on Indian elections and suggest reforms necessary.

Resource: The opacity around electoral bonds (TH)

  1. Finance commission has regained importance in the wake of the creation of NITI Aayog but more powers can be devolved to it. Elucidate upon the reforms needed in the finance commission. 

Resource: 15th Finance Commission seeks say in GST Council amid Centre-states row (Mint)

  1. Ujjwala has brought clean fuel to rural India but the current delivery model is not efficient. Explain the need for piped gas in rural India and hurdles in achieving it.

Resource: Policy to hasten piped gas infra on the cards (TH).

  1. Fit India comes at a time when India’s youth are suffering from obesity and malnutrition. Mention the need for the campaign and suggest a way forward.

Resource: 74% of India’s teenagers physically inactive: WHO (ToI)

  1. Ending the VIP culture and red-tapism has a long way to go. Suggest necessary reforms required.

Resource: SPG Act to be amended to Exclude Families of Ex-Prime Ministers (ET)

  1. India-Brazil relations have been inconsistent. Highlight the need to improve them and explain a way forwards.

Resource: Is it time for a stronger India-Brazil relationship? (ORF)

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