1. Mental disorders in India have become social disorder. Comment.

Resource: South has higher prevalence of mental disorders: study (TH)

  1. Write a note on the Vaikom Satyagraha. Mention the role played by Mahatma Gandhi in it.

Resource: Periyar, the hero of Vaikom (TH)

  1. Accidents have not only dented the vehicles, but also Indian economy. In the light of the statement, explain the steps to improve the quality of roads in India.

Resource: India's roads to remain lethal even in 2030: Lancet (DTE)

  1. Indian steel sector is in dire needs of reforms. Comment.

Resource: Several initiatives taken by the Ministry of Steel to support a competitive, efficient, environment friendly steel industry, adhering to global safety and quality standards (PIB)

  1. Elucidate upon the need to indigenise the defence production in India.

Resource: Desi quick-reaction missile tested, may be ready by 2021 (ToI)