1. India needs to resolve its boundary disputes for better collaboration with its neighbours. Comment. 

Resource: India, China to seek fair border solution (TH)

  1. What are open market operations? How do they influence the economic situation in the country? How are they different from twist operations?

Resource: RBI’s Operation Twist may aid govt’s borrowing plan (Mint)

  1. Prevailing manual scavenging shows the deep inequality of the Indian society. Comment.

Resource: Manual scavenging left 282 dead since 2016 (TH)

  1. What connects the NPR, NRIC, and Census? Evaluate the need of NRC in India.

Resource: What connects the NPR, NRIC and Census? (TH)

  1. Fast food in India lacks in proper labelling. Mention the reason for latency and explain the solutions for the same.

Resource: Why is it taking so long to label fast food? (TH)