1. Disinvestments are like double-edged swords. Examine the impact of disinvestment in the economy.

Resource: Strategic disinvestment. // Expedient exit (TH)

  1. Beggars cannot be choosers, but they still have a right to life with dignity. Comment on the statement in the light of hostile legislation against beggars and street vendors.

Resource: A blow against punitive constitutionalism

  1. Education institutions in India face multidimensional financial difficulties. Referring to the statement examine the need of subsidies.

Resource: Should we do away with subsidies for higher education? (TH)

  1. Reservation has only been effective on the entry-level. Comment on the need and effect of reservation in promotions.

Resource: Only 4 of 82 Secretaries are from SC/ST communities (TH)

  1. ‘Atithi Devo Bhav’ has been undermined by the hostile attitude towards tourist. With regards to the statement, critically examine the holistic nature of the tourism policies.

Resource: Telling Numbers: Countries that dominated tourist arrivals in India in the last 3 years (IE)

  1. Evaluate the digital India mission and analyse its shortcomings.

Resource: Why e-governance apps for citizens need improvement (Mint)