1. Strategic disinvestments will complete the process initiated by the LPG reforms. Critically comment.

Resource: Govt. to sell off its entire stake in BPCL, 4 other PSUs (TH)

  1. NRC is not meant to push away the refugees, but for the welfare of the citizens. In the light of the statement, examine the need for NRC in India. 

Resource: Centre plans NRC exercise all over the country: Amit Shah (TH)

  1. Elucidate upon the role of Industrial Relations Code bill in making it easier to do business in India. 

Reference: Nod for Industrial Relations Code Bill (TH)

  1. India cannot be the manufacturing destination of the world till its patents system falls in place. Comment.

Resource: Cabinet approves the Patent Prosecution Highway programme (TH)

  1. Explain the various models followed in India for road construction and draw a comparison between the Build Operate Transfer (BOT) and the Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM) model. 

Resource: Cabinet approves amendments and modifications in the Toll-Operate-Transfer model and securitization of user fee receipts of NH (PIB)

  1. Hong Kong protests have exemplified that economic development may not be accompanied with social development and civil rights, necessarily. Comment.

Resource: U.S. Senate passes Hong Kong rights Bill (TH)

  1. Explain how real estate sector is the key indicator of growth in any nation. Suggest methods to revive the real estate sector in India. 

Resource: Cabinet approves initiatives to revive the Construction Sector.