Q.1) What is carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS)? Highlight the progress made by India in developing CCUS technology. (15 Marks - 250 Words)

Why this question? - According to a report by International Energy Agency (IEA), global progress on the development of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology from 2010-2020 was not on track. 

Intro - About CCUS


  • Significance of CCUS
  • Progress made by India
  • Challenges

Way ahead - Policy support for indigenous innovation etc

Conclusion - Summarize based on above discussion


Q.2) Discuss the contribution of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in the Indian Freedom Struggle. (15 Marks - 250 Words)

Why this question? - The Government of India has decided to constitute a High Level Committee to commemorate the 125th Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.  

Intro - A Brief about Netaji


  • Contribution of Netaji in the freedom struggle -
    • As a member of INC
    • After resigning from INC
    • As a member of Indian National Army

Conclusion - Summarize based on above discussion.


Q.3) In ‘Digital India’, human intermediaries are significant in brokering trust between governments and citizens. Discuss. (150 words)

Why this question?

  • eGovernments Foundation (eGov) and Aapti Institute have explored how digitally excluded communities engage with governance.

Introduction: Discuss briefly about e-governance and definition of intermediaries.Intermediaries support individuals by placing complaints, directing them to the right authorities, and following up. 


Significance of intermediaries:

  • Overcoming digital barriers

  • Responsible, responsive and data driven governance

Concerns : No formal backing in e-governance

Way forward: 

  • Leveraging intermediaries in extension of governance model
  • Incentivising intermediaries

Conclusion: Summarize the above points.