Q.1) Saudi Arabia is an important pillar of India’s relations with the Arab world. In this context, analyze the recent developments and their implication on India-Saudi relations. (15 marks - 250 words)

Why this question? - As the rift between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia over Jammu and Kashmir is out in the open, India is closely watching the developments.

Intro - A brief about India’s west Asia policy.

Body - 

  • Main pillars of India’s west Asia Policy.
  • India-Saudi Ties.
  • Recent developments.

Way ahead - Leveraging Riyadh for its Strategic interests.

Conclusion - Both New Delhi and Riyadh see value in their relationship. The recent developments may help India in preventing a Saudi-Pakistan-China triangle and that may decide the future of the region.


Q.2) Discuss the salient features of Personal insolvency under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code of India (IBC). What is its significance?

Why this question?

The Mumbai bench of the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) has allowed the initiation of insolvency proceedings against Anil Ambani after two companies promoted by him failed to pay dues on Rs 1,200 crore that they had borrowed from State Bank of India (SBI) in 2015. Thus the question.


  • Mention the definition of personal insolvency.


  • In the 2019 IBC Amendment, a Personal Guarantor can be sued for recovery of dues by creditors in the NCLT. 
  • The insolvency process: In the case of personal guarantees being invoked, the banks can claim rights only over the personal assets. The bank can not claim rights over the assets of his wife or children.
    • Bankruptcy proceedings in case of failure of process.
  • Definite timeline for the Resolution Plan for conducting the entire process is specified which is 330 days.
  • Significance: This will force promoters to cooperate in quicker resolution of the insolvency proceedings against their companies else the axe will fall on them. 
    • Earlier the promoters were taking advantage as the resolution process was adjudicated by the Debt Recovery Tribunal in which no time frame was given.

Conclusion: It is expected that India will benefit by personal insolvency of guarantors as they will start taking the insolvency process seriously.