1. Road accidents are a big hurdle to India’s socio-economic growth. Explaining the statement, suggest methods to reduce road accidents in India.

Resources: ‘53 road crashes, 17 deaths per hour in 2018’ (TH)

  1. 26/11 was a product of the failure of coordination among intelligence agencies. Highlight the role played by NATGRID in filling this gap. 

Resource: Network for Intel agencies to share info will go live next year (PIB)

  1. With a growth in the ageing fleet of India, the need for a scrapping policy is immediate. Comment. 

Resource: Scrappage policy hits another roadblock after NITI flags issues (Mint)

  1. Data may be the new oil, but it cannot yet be a basis for levy of the taxes. Critically comment.

Resource: "Technology firms at a crossroads as nations look to widen tax net (Mint)

  1. Regional connectivity scheme is struggling to achieve the desired outcomes. Explain in the light of the achievements of the scheme so far. 

Resource: Just 2 of 13 flights functional, Udaan crash-lands in NE (ToI)

  1. USA’s Middle East policy has been more destructive than constructive. Do you agree? Critically examine the policy vis-à-vis US-Israel relations. 

Resource: "Israel’s West Bank settlements don’t violate the law, declares US (ToI)

7. India faces dual challenges of creating geriatric care on the one hand and utilizing the demographic dividend on the other. Elucidate. 

Resource: Jansankhya Sthirata Kosh (PIB)