1. What are the major reasons behind conflicts of Africa? Highlight the benefits posed by Kimberley process in reducing such conflicts. 

Resources: Inauguration of KPCS Plenary 2019 (PIB).

  1. Elucidate upon the Indo-Bhutan ties. Suggest a way forward for the two nations in the wake of rising China. 

Resources: No more waiver, Bhutan to levy charges on Indian tourists.

  1. Malnutrition travels from farms to schools. Comment. 

Resources: WCD Ministry to announce Bharatiya Poshan Krishi Kosh.

  1. The dream of New India is not possible without achieving a Healthy India. Examine. 

Resources: NITI Aayog releases Report on Building a 21st Century Health System for India (PIB)

  1. What is space internet? Discuss its impact on developing and developed countries?

Resources: Explained: Understanding space Internet (IE).

  1. GST was aimed at being a facilitator but it has become an impediment in doing business. Critically comment. 

Resources: What the new GST should look like (Mint)