Current Affairs Based Mains Drill | 20th Nov. 2019

Current Affairs Based Mains Drill– 20th Nov. 2019

Updated on 20 November, 2019

Target 2020

  1. What are the major reasons behind conflicts of Africa? Highlight the benefits posed by Kimberley process in reducing such conflicts. 

Resources: Inauguration of KPCS Plenary 2019 (PIB).

  1. Elucidate upon the Indo-Bhutan ties. Suggest a way forward for the two nations in the wake of rising China. 

Resources: No more waiver, Bhutan to levy charges on Indian tourists.

  1. Malnutrition travels from farms to schools. Comment. 

Resources: WCD Ministry to announce Bharatiya Poshan Krishi Kosh.

  1. The dream of New India is not possible without achieving a Healthy India. Examine. 

Resources: NITI Aayog releases Report on Building a 21st Century Health System for India (PIB)

  1. What is space internet? Discuss its impact on developing and developed countries?

Resources: Explained: Understanding space Internet (IE).

  1. GST was aimed at being a facilitator but it has become an impediment in doing business. Critically comment. 

Resources: What the new GST should look like (Mint)

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