Current Affairs Based Mains Drill | 20 December 2019

Current Affairs Based Mains Drill – 20 December 2019

Updated on 20 December, 2019

Target 2020

  1. Evaluate the role of SEZ in regional development.  (Resource: Tripura gets first SEZ)
  2. Critically analyse the system of reviews and appeals in the Indian criminal justice system.  (Resource: Explained: Delhi gangrape convicts’ review plea rejected, what happens now (IE))
  3. Critically analyse the recent amendments to the right to information act.  (Resource: A duty to publish: On RTI (TH))
  4. No refugee crisis presents a deep humanitarian crisis. Critically evaluate in the light of recent developments.   (Resource: Explained: In numbers and dimensions, the global refugee crisis (IE))
  5. Explain the impact of inflation on employment. Suggest how hyper-inflation can further degrade employment situation.   (Resource: Explained: Is India facing stagflation? (IE))

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