Current Affairs Based Mains Drill– 19th Nov. 2019

Current Affairs Based Mains Drill– 19th Nov. 2019

Updated on 19 November, 2019

Target 2020

  1. Delhi’s unsafe tap water will impact more than just the health of residents of Delhi. Comment.

Resource: Delhi has the most unsafe tap water.

  1. Local polls often see higher voter turnout when compared to the general elections. Why is it so? How can the voter turnout be increased in India?

Resource: Rajasthan urban local body polls peaceful, 72% turnout

  1. India has miles to go in eradication of Tuberculosis. Referring to this, highlight the limited impact various government initiatives have had in controlling TB.

Resource: Kerala on track to eliminate TB by 2025

  1. Model code of conduct for the cabinet ministers is needed for better governance. Critically comment.

Resource: SC discusses ‘voluntary code of conduct’ for Cabinet Ministers (TH).

  1. Lack of corporate governance has led to high bad loans, capital shortfalls, frauds. Elucidate.

Resource: Governance key concern for PSBs.

  1. What is blockchain technology? Discuss the necessity and challenges in creating a sovereign digital currency for India.

Resource: India’s need for a sovereign digital currency (ORF)

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