1. Internet revolution has the potential of transforming Indian villages. Comment. (Resource: Govt aims to provide broadband access to all villages by 2022 (TH))
  2. Evaluate the need for increasing the size of the lok sabha. (Resource: Explained: Why Pranab Mukherjee wants 1000 MPs (IE))
  3. Deputations must be done for learning and coherence, not vacancy filling. Critically comment. (Resource: Limit deputation of IPS officers in Paramilitary at 25% (TH))
  4. What is GEM Samvaad? How is it going to influence the economic scenario in the country? (Resource: GEM launches National Outreach Programme - GEM Samvaad (PIB))
  5. We need to ensure energy efficiency after ensuring energy availability to all. (Resource: ADB, India sign $250 mn loan to expand energy efficiency investment in India (PIB))