Q.1. Political neutrality of speaker is often questioned. Critically discuss this statement in the context of Anti defection Law.  (10 marks)

Q.2. Supreme court is protector of fundamental rights. However, recent judgements on religious issues seems to portray an opposite picture. Critically discuss. (15 marks)

Q.3. Recently a diversion in inflation indices(WPI and CPI) was observed.In this context explain what are WPI and CPI and examine the reasons for their divergence. (10 Marks)

Q.4. Supreme court ending the Sabarimala ban is a triumph of individual rights over regressive social and religious practices. Critically examine.   (10 marks)

Q.5. “The recent Ayodhya verdict of the Supreme Court of India has resulted in to entanglement of question of law and question of justice.” Comment.(15 marks)

Q.6. Recently government has introduced surrogacy (Regulation) bill 2019.In this regard discuss the main provisions of the bill and its shortcomings. (15 marks)