1. RTI must allow for the transparency in system, but it must also not hamper the already burdened officials. Comment.

Resource: RTI ‘abuse’ led to ‘fear’ among officials: CJI (TH)

  1. Explain why has the world’s longest climate conference come on the verge of collapse.

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  1. What is Ease of Doing Business report? Why is it important for India to rank higher in it?

Resource: India Among top 10 Improvers in EODB; India Ranks 63RD among 190 Countries.

  1. Shutting down the internet has multidimensional impacts. Comment.

Resource: Explained: Shutting down the Internet (IE)

  1. Suggest methods to improve the fertiliser delivery systems in India efficient.

Resource: Why cash transfers won’t work for fertilizer subsidies (Mint)