Q.1) Government has come up with numerous initiatives to augment the digital transactions yet inclination towards cash is not declining. Comment. 15 marks ( 250 words).

Why this question:

The latest report from RBI (Reserve Bank of India) shows a 46% contraction in Digital Transactions in April month as compared to March 2020.


Define digital payments


Tell about some government initiatives to boost Digital Payments -

UPI , BHIM App, Incentives on online payments etc..

Rationale behind promoting their use:

  • Convenience , Time Saving, More Secure, Better Expenditure Tracker, Discounts etc..

Roadblocks in proliferating their use:

  • Trust: For many, there is still a lack of trust for digital payments.
  • Habit: Their lives are centered around being paid in cash and conducting their own purchasing with cash only.
  • Financial Scrutiny: In a country like India there is a perception that having every transaction be tracked could invite trouble via more scrutiny or higher taxes. Cash doesn't leave a digital footprint which is what some consumers prefer.
  • Pervasiveness: Cash is accepted everywhere. Digital payments are not.
  • Friction: Cash is an immediate transfer of value. Digital payments, despite recent developments, still involve more steps than exchange of cash


Digital Literacy must be imparted to increase the usage and PM DISHA program is a step in the right direction towards it.


Q.2) Global warming is one of the biggest challenges mankind faces. In light of India’s first-ever national forecast on the impact of global warming by IITM, Pune discuss the impact of climate change on India.

Why this question?

India’s first-ever national forecast on the impact of global warming on the subcontinent in the coming century was released by IITM, Pune recently.


In brief about the Global warming


  • About the report
  • Key findings
    • Hottest day and Coldest night
    • The frequencies of future warm days and warm nights
    • Levels of fine particulate matter
  • Impacts associated with global warming specific to India


Mention that India should prepare itself for a further increase in the intensity, frequency, and extent of these extreme weather events.


Q.3) Peaceful relations between India and China, Asia’s two giants are essential for realizing the dream of the ‘Asian Century’. Examine (15marks - 250words)

Why this question? -  In a first such face off between Indian and Chinese forces in 45 years, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh.

Intro - Tell what is Asian Century and how the recent stand-off between India and China is making its realization difficult.

Body - First highlight the strength(economic,strategic, geo-political) and standing of China and India in the global arena. Then, mention the importance of India-China relations in building a peaceful, stable and secure Asia. Highlight the divergence in their relationship.

Way ahead - Cooperation in areas where both have convergence, to set a model where they have conflicts.

Conclusion - The two Asian giants have to realize that Asian Century is going to benefit not only Asia but the entire globe.