Q.1) Peace and stability in the South China Sea are essential for the economic well being of Indo-Pacific in general and India in particular. Examine (15 marks - 250 words)

Why this question? - The region has become a new theatre of conflict between the US and China.

Intro - Tell about SCS - its location, countries surrounding etc.

Body - 

  • Highlight the importance of the region - Economic, Strategic - For India and others.
  • Tell why it has become a theatre of conflict between the US and China and its implications on others.

Way ahead - Role India needs to play in advancing its interests in the region and of others.

Conclusion - Mention that as a global common it is the responsibility of all to ensure peace and stability in the region.


Q.2) What is ICC (International Criminal Court) and why the U.S government has recently imposed sanctions on its officials. Discuss. 15 marks (250 words)

Why this question:

The U.S Government authorised sanctions against ICC officials involved in investigations into possible war crimes by US troops or those of its allies.


Start with the above current context 


Here you need to elaborately discuss ICC

  • About
  • Founding Document
  • Rationale behind Establishment
  • Jurisdiction
  • Members
  • Difference from ICJ (International Court of Justice)

Factors contributing towards sanctions:

  • The U.S considers it as a threat to its sovereignty.
  • It views ICC as a Kangaroo Court ( Here you can also mention some criticisms of ICC)
  • The country also believes the court is more proximate towards Russia and works on its directions.
  • Lastly U.S has evidence pointing towards corruption and malfeasance at the highest levels in the ICC.


We must recognise that Justice is a key prerequisite for lasting peace and impartial functioning of courts like ICC is a sine qua non to achieve the same.​​


Q.3) In the era of rising problems for migrants across the globe, it is time we must explore the Gandhian Model of Economics. Comment. 10 marks ( 150 words)

Why this question:

Looking at the migrant crisis amidst Covid 19 , states are analysing over the economic models to be adopted for future


Define who is a migrant ( Intra as well as Inter Country)


Problems Faced by them:

  • Global Slowdown
  • Covid 19 and Job losses
  • Rising protectionism in world
  • Differential Treatment of Migrant Capital and Migrant Labour
  • Failure of WTO 
  • Rising Nationalism and Xenophobia

Gandhian Model’s Efficacy:

  • Reduces Migration as focus on village development
  • Views people as ends and not a means to achieve an end
  • Helps reduce rich poor divide which will augment shock absorbing capacity of masses 
  • Cooperatives and not Capitalists will ensure sustainable development for all


It is the right time to try the approach at least on a temporary basis in some parts of every country.


Q.4) Discuss India’s relation with West Asia and suggest what India should do to strengthen it.

Why this question?

  •  The pandemic has initiated a reverse migration of Indian blue-collar workers as projects in oil-rich States stall, and infrastructure development halts amidst a contracting global economy.


  • Start with recent out migration


  • Discuss about energy security, geostrategic relation, Indian diaspora and source of investment
  • Then discuss about challenges such as internal conflicts and china’s influence


Suggest way ahead and conclude