Q.1) Work from home is the new normal in the post-pandemic world. In this context, discuss the measures that Indian government needs to adopt to protect the segment engaged in WFH practices. (15 Marks - 250 Words)

Why this question? - According to a recent report by the International Labour Organization (ILO), there is a need to develop effective policies for home-based workers and ensure their proper implementation.

Intro - Data on people with WFH practices


  • Why WFH a new normal?
  • Types of WFH
  • Challenges faced by this segment

Way ahead - Recommendations of ILO

Conclusion - Summarize based on above discussion.


Q.2) Increased episodes of forest fire in India is a threat to both human and environment. Discuss (15 Marks - 250 Words)

Why this question? - Himachal Pradesh frequently witnesses forest fires during winters that are dry weather conditions. 

Intro - According to the report of the Forest Survey of India, over 54% of the forest cover in India is exposed to occasional fire. During 2003–2017, a total of 5,20,861 active forest fire events were detected in India.


  • Fire prone regions in India (Draw a map)
  • Causes of increased episodes of forest fire
  • Impact on human and environment

Way ahead

  • Forecasting fire-prone days using meteorological data.
  • Growing strips of fire-hardy plant species within the forest.
  • Creating fire lines in the forests (fire lines are strips in the forest kept clear of vegetation to prevent the fire from spreading). 
  • Early detection and quick action by fire-fighting squads is crucial.

Conclusion - Summarize based on above discussion


Q.3 The Department of Food and Public Distribution has notified a modified scheme for extending financial assistance for expansion of ethanol distillation capacity.  How is this scheme expected to help sugarcane farmers? (150 words)

Why this question?

  • The government has launched a scheme to achieve 20% blending by 2025 as well as to meet the requirement of ethanol production capacity in the country.

Introduction: In brief, mention the recent government initiatives to help the sugarcane farmers.


  • About Ethanol and its production
  • About scheme for extending financial assistance for expansion of ethanol distillation capacity. 
  • Significance: 
    • Diversion of excess sugar to ethanol 
    • encourage farmers to diversify their crops
    • reduce import dependency on crude oil , thereby, realizing the goal of Atmanirbhar Bharat. 
    • It will also enhance income of farmers as setting up of new distilleries would not only increase demand of their crops but would assure farmers of getting better price for their crops.

Conclusion: Conclude with way ahead