Current Affairs Based Mains Drill | 16 December 2019

Current Affairs Based Mains Drill - 16 December 2019

Updated on 15 December, 2019

Target 2020

  1. Critically evaluate the performance of the fast-track courts in India. Suggest solutions to improve them.

Resource: Delhi govt. gives green signal to set up fast-track courts (TH)

  1. Differently abled are yet to find social and systemic acceptance. Comment.

Resource: Targets missed, Accessible India campaign’s deadline extended (TH)

  1. Ganga is not only the holiest for the humans, but also for other lifeforms. Comment.

Resource: Ganga Council meet today, River Cities, dolphins on the agenda (IE)

  1. Savings and Investments have a scalable impact on the growth prospects of a country. Comment.

Resource: Savings with a bonus — financial peace of mind (TH)

  1. Climate change can no longer be tackled with traditional solutions. It requires new approaches. Comment.

Resource: Seaweed is a very scalable solution to the climate crisis (Mint)

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