Q.1) What are ‘Recoiling’ black holes? Highlight their significance. (10 Marks - 150 Words)

Why this question? - A supermassive black hole, which is estimated to weigh up to 100 billion times the mass of the Sun, is seemingly missing, leaving astronomers puzzled. 

Intro - About black holes


  • Define recoiling black holes
  • Their significance

Conclusion - Summarize based on above discussion


Q.2) India is on the verge of a digital lending revolution and making sure that this lending is done responsibly only can ensure the success of this revolution.  Discuss. (150 words)

Why this question?

  • The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has constituted a working group on digital lending — including online platforms and mobile apps — to study all aspects of digital lending activities in the regulated financial sector as well as by unregulated players.

Introduction: Give a brief info about digital lending and recent controversy associated with it.


Significance of Digital Lending

  • Financial Inclusion
  • Reduce Borrowing from informal channels
  • Time Saving

Issues with Digital Lending Platforms

  • Growing number of unauthorised digital lending platforms and mobile applications 
  • Excessive rates of interest and additional hidden charges
  • Data privacy 

Steps taken by RBI

Conclusion: A balanced approach needs to be followed so that the regulatory framework supports innovation while ensuring data security, privacy, confidentiality and consumer protection.