1. Despite having a comprehensive mid-day meal and Anganwadi program, Children in India face severe malnutrition. Identify the existing lacunae in these schemes and suggest reforms. 

Reference: The case for mid-day meals for all // Livemint

  1. Climate change is more threatening for developing countries compared to developed nations. Elaborate. 

Reference: In G20, only India on a 1.5-degree target // Times of India

  1. India needs a comprehensive water policy if it wants to provide clean drinking water to all. Mention the challenges and opportunities in framing such a policy. 

Reference: Committee to draft new water policy // TH

  1. Despite having many rules and regulations, the condition of Indian monuments remains poor. Elaborate reasons for the same. Also mention the impact of inclusion in World Monument Watch List on the conservation efforts. 

Reference: Suranga Bawadi on World Monument Watch list // TH

  1. What is net neutrality? Evaluate the impact of “free internet for all” on development. What are the challenges in providing free internet to all the citizens? 

Reference: Casting the Net wide // TH

  1. India and China can win big in Afghanistan, but only if they walk together. Comment. 

Reference: Capacity-building programme for Afghan diplomats begins // TH

  1. India has made huge leaps in reducing extreme poverty. It is time that we now move on to tackling multidimensional poverty. Critically comment. 

Reference: India is making dramatic strides in addressing extreme poverty // LiveMint