1. Social security in India is still a distant dream. Examine the statement in the light of the new Social security bill tabled in Lok sabha.

Resource: New social security Bill tabled in Lok Sabha (TH)

  1. Examine the IBC (second amendment) bill, 2019. Analyse the amendments and suggest a way forward.

Resource: Nod to ring-fence successful IBC suitors (TH)

  1. Citizenship amendment bill can have stark implications on the unique culture of the North East. Comment.

Resource: Parliament passes the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2019 (PIB)

  1. Congestion in Delhi is a leading cause of the city’s woes. Comment.

Resource: ‘Register new vehicle when owner shows proof of disposal of old one’ (TH)

  1. Examine the feasibility of delivering justice in rape cases within 21 days. Mention the reforms that would be required in the criminal justice system.

Resource: A.P. Cabinet clears Disha Bill to ensure rape verdicts in 21 days (TH)