1. Kartarpur corridor goes far beyond religious sentiments. Explain in the light of deteriorating India – Pakistan relations. 
  2. RCEP would have brought development to the Northeastern India, but its impact on tribal culture would have been immense. Elaborate.  
  3. How is data mirroring different from data localization? What can be the possible outcomes of data localization on Indian companies? 
  4. India’s inclination towards USA has had a dampening effect on India-Russia relations. S-400 deal can reboot the India-Russia relations. Critically comment. 
  5. Khadi has recently been granted harmonized system (HS) code. How is it going to impact the rural India?
  6. Is India on track to meet its maternal mortality rate (MMR) targets as per the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? What are the challenges in reducing the MMR in tribal India?