Q.1) India’s quest for scientific inquiry, technological creativity & innovations is a step towards integration of scientific developments into national socio-economic benefits and global presence. Discuss the statement in the light of India’s present fight against COVID-19 pandemic.(15marks - 250words)

Why this question? - Every year National Technology Day is celebrated on May 11.

Intro - One can start with highlighting the importance of scientific temper which drives scientific inquiry, hence mentioned in Fundamental Duties in the Indian constitution.

Body - A brief about COVID-19 and enlist some of the technological developments and their application in the fight against COVID-19. Then, one has to link how these scientific advances are propelling socio-economic developments not only at national but global level. Ex - Role played by India’s pharmaceutical industries(HCQ) etc.

Way forward: Public and private investments for promoting S&T needs to be increased etc. 


Q.2) ‘Creation of PM cares fund has been a major step to tackle distress situations posed by COVID-19’. Critically analyze.

Why this question?

Recently the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund, or the PM CARES Fund, was set up to tackle distress situations such as that posed by the coronavirus pandemic.


Mention unprecedented threat of COVID-19 pandemic


  • Explain in brief about PM Cares fund
    • Contributions
    • Benefits of donating
    • Functioning
  • Advantages
  • Criticism
    • Double benefit of tax exemption under CSR
    • Ambiguity with respect to the amount and utilization methods
    • Ambiguity with respect to oversight on the fund
    • Underutilisation of existing funds with similar objectives


Suggest a way ahead focussing on improving transparency and accountability.


Q.3) Although theoretically set to spur economic growth and employment, the moves by UP, MP, and Gujrat regarding relaxation of labour laws hold potential to deteriorate the labour rights. Discuss.           (15marks - 250words)

KeyWords for Answer

  • Intro 
    • Recent developments by UP and MP
  • Body:
    • Briefly introduce labour laws and general issues with them  - Minimum wages, Factory Act, Industrial Disputes Act, etc: Do not go into detail
    • Significance of such moves: Pros and Cons : Constitutional (Article 23), International Commitments(ILO)
  • Way Forward:
    • Maintain a balance: 
    • Global Initiatives by UK , Vietnam, Bangladesh, etc...

Q.4) A vaccine for the novel coronavirus, will help deal with the global health crisis but the geopolitical unfolding trends that have now been aggravated by the COVID-19 will be immune from the virus. Analyse.  (15marks - 250words)

KeyWords for Answer

  • Intro 
    • Introduce with the nature of COVID-19 and set into context by any example of geopolitical significance such as dubbing Corona as Chinese Virus by the US President
  • Body:
    • Discuss the geopolitical trend lines - Across the world
    • For e.g. Rise of Asia, fading US from geopolitical scene
    • Rise of China
    • Receding of institutions of Global governance
    • Energy politics- West Asia
    • Impact on India - Energy, Strategic, Diaspora, etc( In very brief)
  • Way Forward:
    • Reform in Institutions of Global Governance
    • Collective Global leadership