1. Lokpal has been a silent institution. Critically comment.

Resource: 6 years on, Lokpal is yet to get prosecution wing

  1. Criminal Justice System in India is in dire need of structural and policy reforms. Comment.

Resource: Centre sets in motion plans to revamp the criminal justice system (Mint)

  1. Geriatric care must not only come from the family, but also from the state. Explain.

Resource: Explained: Why the elderly could soon get more money from their children (IE)

  1. The citizenship amendment bill can either heal, or scratch the wounds of partition. Comment.

Resource: Scars of partition After Cabinet nod, Citizenship Bill ready for tabling in House (TH)

  1. What is trade protectionism? Explain its impact on the global economy.

Resource: U.S. threatens 100% tariffs on French goods (TH)