Q. BrahMos Missiles are considered as key strategic deterrence for the adversaries both along the land borders and in the strategically important Indian Ocean Region. Analyze (15 Marks - 250 Words)

Why this question? - As Indian Armed forces (Army, Navy, and the Air Force) are conducting back-to-back tests of various versions of BrahMos missile, there is the need to analyze the significance of these ongoing series of tests. 

Intro - A brief about the missile.


  • Salient features of missile
  • Significance of having missile

Way ahead - Should be a learning lesson for India to take a leap forward towards Atma Nirbhar Bharat in defence manufacturing.

Conclusion - Summaries based on above discussion.

Q) Geography, including the open border, for one, is in India’s favour. Winning back Nepal and the confidence of its people is the challenge. Critically analyse in the context of India-Nepal bilateral relations. (250 words)


Why this question?

  • China is sending defence minister Wei Fenghe to Nepal for a day-long visit on Sunday, just days after India’s foreign secretary Harsh Shringla wrapped up a trip to Kathmandu aimed at boosting bilateral ties affected by a border row. 

Introduction: Mention a brief background info about Indo-Nepal relations. 


Significance of india-Nepal relations: Cultural, economic, geographical aspects.


  • Growing Nepal-China nexus
  • Border disputes
  • Nationalistic feelings in Nepal
  • India’s overdependence on humanitarian assistance
  • Muscular neighborhood policy

Conclusion: Summarize and suggest a way forward

Q) Discuss the significance of NOTA in Indian Elections. (150 words)

Why this question?

  • An advocate has moved the Supreme Court for a direction that fresh elections should be held in a constituency where NOTA votes ‘(None of the above’ option) garnered the maximum number of votes.

Introduction: Provide a brief background of NOTA- landmark SC judgement in 2013.


  • Right to Freedom of Expression under Art 19 of the voters
  • Empowers voters and accountability
  • Impact on decriminalisation of politics.


  • Low NOTA percentage 
  • No re-election or disqualification on basis of NOTA votes
  • Symbolic value

Conclusion:  Summarize and suggests steps to strengthen NOTA